On a mission to inspire & empower people through Double Dutch Skipping!


JUMP LDN believe in the power of Double Dutch skipping to bring positivity and fun into communities while alse promoting physical and mental wellbeing.


We aim to leave our legacy across London and with the next generation of jumpers.

What is Double Dutch?

Double Dutch is a street sport which involves 2 people -turners – turning 2 long skipping ropes and a minimum of 1 jumper doing a routine or freestyle in the ropes.


The popularity of Double Dutch began in the streets of New York as a tool to bring people together through its unique combination of creative expression, fitness, music and sense of belonging.

It is also now an internationally recognised sport with world championships and a high level of athleticism.

Organically developing teamwork, communication and social skills amongst people from all ages and backgrounds, this inspiring sport also improves cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, stamina, flexibility and co-ordination.

Double Dutch has the power to break down barriers and connect people without us even realising, making fitness fun and creative.

Director, JUMP LDN


 Introduce the many benefits of Double Dutch as a fun, physical activity across London.

Increase physical activity levels of young people & women from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Develop a platform for Double Dutch as a fun and engaging street sport in London schools and communities.

Promote unity and diversity

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